Installation page Instituut Exclusive (Leeuwarden) 3D.

To be able to visit us virtual you need to install the 3DPlayer software. After installation 'less then one minute' the application start automatically. To restart it later, you can use the 3DPlayer icon on your desktop.


In this virtual replica of our real location you have a chance to win ( Hot stone massage, value 50 euros ) every MONTH.

Click here for an impression of the game.



Choose one of the links to install the 3DPlayer and follow the instructions on the screen when the 3Dplayer is started.


INSTALLATION Windows 2000/ME/XP    OR    INSTALLATION Windows Vista/Windows7



Access to internet is required to registered your game score, for more information about the 3DPlayer Click here.

De computer must have 3Dcard with at least 128mb.